Codeta Online Casino Review

Codeta Online Casino Review

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Codeta, A Great Online Casino for Live Casino Games

Codeta online casino has got its license in 2015, which means it is quite a young one. Since it is always good to keep track of the new casinos. Usually, new online casinos develop a great universe and have more a dynamic design than the more classic ones.

Not every casino has the same style, and this one has been specializing in live table casino games. Be sure to have a look, if that is the type of online games you are into. But first, read our review to know more about Codeta Online Casino.


The main attraction and the thing that can make the difference between an ok casino and an awesome casino are the games that you can play on it. As said before, Codeta focuses mainly on live casino table games. If you are into live, you will be able to choose a game among the 89 available on the website. Yes, that is right, 89. The fun of it is basically endless, and it will take you months to try them all. As having a casino that can offer you many hours of surprises, this is a great aspect of Codeta.

These 89 games feature many types of Roulette, various Blackjack games and other of the usual classic casino games. However, if you prefer not playing live games, you will find some poker games. This being said, it would be a shame to join the casino and not try their specialties.

More than 70 live casino games

Codeta’s live casino games will keep you entertained for days!

For those who have a taste for sloths, don’t worry at all. Codeta will keep you entertained with their numerous slots games, and you will even find videos sloths ones. Codeta also has some dice games, which is quite rare on online casino websites. There is no way you can’t find a great game for yourself on this website!


Games are fun, but freebies are the best! And luckily for all the Codeta lovers, this online casino has got plenty of promotions for its players to enjoy! There are four different promotions that you can enjoy at various times. The first one that you will get is the Live Casino welcome offer. Join the live Casino and you will be given the opportunity to win more…and to lose less! Monday Roulette is also a great promotion that will give you 5£ extra when playing Roulette on a Monday.

Some promotions have special themes depending on the time of the year. In late October early November, for example, you will get a Halloween bonus. It is always nice to feel like your casino is part of the live world, even though you play your games online.

Sadly, Codeta does not offer a no-deposit bonus, a very popular one amongst the players!

Codeta's promotions change with the seasons!

Enjoy Codeta’s awesome promotions!

Customer service

The difference between a land casino and an online casino is that in case of a problem, you cannot just walk to someone and ask for their help. That is why one of the most important things to look for when signing up into a new online casino, is a flawless customer service.

Codeta, just as most of the big online casinos, has a 24/7 customer service policy. You can reach the team through the live chat – usually the fastest and most efficient way – or by e-mail. On the website, they claim to respond on the chat within a minute, and within two hours by e-mail. Knowing that you can get a hold of someone even if you have decided to play late at night is very reassuring.

Responsible gambling

The notion of responsible gambling is quite recent but more and more commonly found on online casinos websites. Some online casinos give the players the opportunity to set a deposit and loss limit, to make sure they won’t spend money they shouldn’t. When clicking on Codeta’s responsible gambling page, you will also have access to a set of questions that will enable you to estimate whether or not you have a gambling problem. It is quite rare to found these questionnaires on online casinos websites, and we wish to find more in the future!

In a nutshell, Codeta has everything you can find on big online casinos: many various casino games, valuable promotions, and a flawless customer service. The plus is its diversity in live casino games. You don’t see that many games on every online casino website! So wait no longer and have a go.

Responsible Gambling

Codeta’s Gambling Problem Quizz

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