Latest Winners

Player Date Country Game Amount Won Online Casino
D VThursday May 24, 2018SwedenHTML5 - Bonus Game - The Twisted CircusGBP7,275.0032Red UK
M LThursday May 24, 2018PhilippinesSlot - Big TopGBP6,000.0032Red UK
E AThursday May 24, 2018SwedenHTML5 - Slot - CarnavalGBP5,460.0032Red UK
M LThursday May 24, 2018PhilippinesSlot - Big TopGBP25,625.0032Red UK
M LThursday May 24, 2018PhilippinesFeature Slot - Burning DesireGBP20,000.0032Red UK
A CThursday May 24, 2018AustraliaBonus Slot - The Twisted CircusGBP19,320.0032Red UK
A CThursday May 24, 2018AustraliaBonus Slot - Avalon IIGBP11,050.0032Red UK
B WThursday May 24, 2018AustraliaBonus Slot - So Many MonstersGBP9,600.0032Red UK
E DThursday May 24, 2018SwedenBonus Slot - Thunderstruck IIGBP9,120.0032Red UK
E AThursday May 24, 2018SwedenHTML5 - Feature Slot - Burning DesireGBP8,940.0032Red UK
E AThursday May 24, 2018SwedenHTML5 - Feature Slot - Agent Jane BlondeGBP8,850.0032Red UK
B JThursday May 24, 2018Antigua And Barbuda10 Play Power Poker - Jacks or BetterGBP8,080.0032Red UK
M LThursday May 24, 2018AustraliaFlash - Bonus Slot - Tomb RaiderGBP7,320.0032Red UK
A CThursday May 24, 2018AustraliaHTML5 - Bonus Game - The Twisted CircusGBP6,000.0032Red UK
A CThursday May 24, 2018AustraliaHTML5 - Feature Slot - Thunderstruck IIGBP6,000.0032Red UK
E AThursday May 24, 2018SwedenHTML5 - Feature Slot - Lion's PrideGBP5,963.0032Red UK
R GThursday May 24, 2018CanadaBonus Slot - Red Hot DevilGBP5,414.0032Red UK
E RThursday May 24, 2018ItalyFlash - Feature Slot - Break AwayGBP5,059.0032Red UK
G ZThursday May 24, 2018Russian FederationBonus Slot - Red Hot DevilGBP21,720.0032Red UK
A CThursday May 24, 2018AustraliaHTML5 - Bonus Game - The Twisted CircusGBP12,225.0032Red UK

Winners have their inspirational stories which will certainly motivate you to become a winner too.  It is not only the progressive jackpots and the lottery winners but every day online casinos payout winnings worth thousands, hundreds of thousands and even millions.

Winning at an online casino is  certainly a joyful and great experience, but you should play online casino game wisely and responsibly knowing all the rules and odd of the game where the house edge is always against you. Certainly you should maintain a bankroll to play the games and stick to it. Also choose the right games where you can maximise your winnings and reduce your losses. When you win big always cash out a minimum of 65% of your balance. A winning streak is possible and occurs most of the time unexpectedly in a series of Mega Big Wins.

Best casinos UK have always created Mega Wins and one name on the lips of all the UK players is the millionaire maker slot game Mega Moolah which has given great chance to become rich lately to UK casino players with the incredible top jackpots that never drop below £1,000,000 On 6th October 2015, Jonathon Heywood, a British soldier from Cheshire, won a whopping Mega Moolah jackpot of £13.2 million in real money on a mere 25 pence bet!

Click here to find the latest winner story of Mega Moolah Slot Game.

Besides such progressive jackpot slots UK players get a good chance to explore other slots or casino games like poker, bingo, sports that also carry great wins. The addition to the bank roll of UK players is due to the factor of awesome lucrative bonuses and promotions offered by best online casinos exclusively displayed for UK players. The winners for sure take advantage of such promotions and claim match deposit bonuses, or monthly bonuses and even as a VIP player grab exclusive benefits like event invitations, cash offers, faster withdrawal processing times making the wins more exciting with less of money spend from their own wallet.

Most big winners at online casinos play the maximum bet allowed which can easily result in huge wins. This may be best suitable for high rollers or players who know the perfect winning strategy and act like pro. So it’s important you hit the max bet button only when you feel a lucky streak. If you are not interested in playing the big jackpot games then there are other good payout lots and table games to enjoy and win online.

Here find the great winners of online casinos who really have some tale to tell for you to take this as a guide and learn to win like a pro. Better be lucky.

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