Largest Online Casinos in the Uk

Largest Online Casinos in the Uk

A list of UK Largest Online Casinos and Betting Websites

32Red Casino Kings of Cash

32Red Casino Kings of Cash

When it comes to casinos, land and online, there are different types. There as small casinos and some really big. The advantage when choosing a casino that gathers an important number of players is that you are more likely to make a profit than if you were playing in a smaller casino. Why is that? It is simply because larger casinos have higher payout rates, meaning they give back a more important amount of their earnings to their clients, and that proportionally, the amount of money is way higher. We have established for you a list of today’s largest online casinos in the UK.1

888 Casino

Our number one on the list is quite a giant in the UK online casinos industry. 888 Casino is probably the largest UK casino online. And here’s our review!

  • 888 Casino has been around since 1997, which really says something about it.
  • 888 Casino has more than 550 000 regular players to testify that the website is all you can be looking for in an online casino!
  • Just look at the reviews! These guys cannot get a bad review, which has enabled them to conquer the market fast and efficiently until they’ve become UK’s largest online casino.

888 Sport

William Hill

William Hill is one of the oldest UK online casinos, and the website has always managed to keep pace by using the very best software in order to provide a comfortable use for its players. Now let’s see what else is great about them.

  • William Hill welcomes more than 400 000 players per month, which is just right under 888 Casino.
  • The casino is able to deal with its customers’ concerns by having a highly functional 24/7 live chat support, which comes in handy when you don’t want to wait for someone to answer your e-mail or to pick-up the phone.
  • William Hill has a license from the UK Gambling Casino, Government of Gibraltar
One of UK's largest online casino

William Hill – one of UK’s largest online casino


Ladbrokes is another one you should not mess with. It has built a solid reputation and now counts more than 435 000 regular players a month. Now there are some reasons that little online casino has become one of the most important ones on the market.

  • Around for over fifteen years, the casino has been able to become a reference in sports betting as well as in slots, so there’s a bet for everyone.
  • Ladbrokes enables its players to enjoy a great variety of games, including some live casino.
  • The mobile version is available and is completely functional!

So that’s three very good reasons to have a try. Plus, Ladbrokes gives quite a high welcome bonus, so it would be a shame to miss it.

Ladbrokes is one of the UK's largest casinos.

Ladbrokes, a great online casino.


Every online casino player has heard of Betway, one of the most popular websites in its category. Nothing happens by chance and our champion has made its way to the top by using impeccable software and providing the best customer experience.

  • As we have said before, Betway is a great website and app for players, especially those who like Roulette. You will find enough different games to keep yourself busy for hours!
  • Betway has been designed in the most sophisticated way, to make sure its players will benefit from a fascinating online casino experience.
  • If anything, be aware that the customer service is open 24/7, so UK’s favorite online casino will not let you down if you have a problem.

Betway has proven for a long time that it could meet the requirements to become the greatest casino, and it already welcomes more than 100 000 players per month!

Betway Sports


It is not the first time we’ve told you about 32Red. When speaking of UK online casinos, the name never ceases to appear. Great online casino to play Roulette, but not only, 32Red deserves a green light for satisfying over 150 000 online players a month.

  • 32Red has conquered the heart of many customers by providing them with a great selection game selection. Blackjack is the casino game that is said to have the biggest payout rates, and 32Red offers a huge Blackjack selection.
  • 32Red uses a software provider that is flawless, you cannot dream of a more stable website or phone app!

The website manages to have it all: a great game selection, high payout rates, and a solid software to welcome its thousands of players.

32Red Casino Roulette Table

32Red Casino Roulette Table

Online casinos’ reputation in the UK grows every year, and these are some websites that have managed to secure a great number of players by meeting their expectations and offering the best game quality on the market.

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