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High roller casinos are those casinos that offer exclusive section of games for their high rollers or VIP players. To understand what a high roller casino is we need to first know who is the high roller because online casinos are same only they have a special place for high rollers and thus termed as high roller casino.

Who is a high roller?

High roller can be any casino player that places high value wagers to play games. Some high rollers are professional gamblers, others just happen to be wealthy. They are also often called whales or sharks, with really large bankrolls that sit in their private rooms at the no limits tables when playing at land based casinos.

High rollers at high roller casinos online do not get the same royal treatment like in the land based ones since, they play from the comfort of their houses and there is no need for amenities like private jets and limousines. Instead, they are treated in an alternative way as they get great VIP bonus offers and promotions.

Online casinos take the time to monitor their players and sent invitations to the high rollers on their platforms like on their mobile or PC.

VIP invitations invite them to private sections of the site with higher limits and like minded players.

Games played by high rollers

Table games are by far the most common games for high rollers as they offer better odds, and in games like craps, you can lower the house advantage by betting more.  As high rollers are smart players they do their best to improve the odds in the games. Of all the table games Baccarat is the most popular with high rollers.  This game has favorable odds; when you bet on the banker you do so at a house edge of 1.06%. The only table games that will match those odds are a liberal game of black jack or a pass line bet in craps. The new trend right now is that High Rollers tend to play a lot of Live Dealer Games with high limits.

As Live Casinos are the fastest growing segment in the online casino market, and they are attracting big players to the private tables that sometimes are by invite only. Many high rollers at online casinos wager also a lot at online slots in contrast to the high rollers in land based casinos that only play table games.  They are extra interested in high volatile online slots with extra betting functions like multipliers and extra bonus symbols that will boost the maximum payout.

Best high roller casinos to play

The best high roller casinos to play are those that offer most of the high roller casino games. Also new casinos offer generous bonuses, promotions, and VIP Loyalty Programs for high rollers and are looked for more by high roller players.

When you are trying to find a great casino to high roll all you need to consider is your success in wagering the amount of money given at a game play. You can find the best casino if you are objective and consider your wagering habits, and the casinos generosity. Different casinos gauge high rolling differently. As said above a lot of what attracts players to high roll casinos is a lower bankroll as high rollers. You need to research the online casino that you are considering by reading casino reviews, and you can determine if they are going to reward you well for your time. You should consider thus the following points to judge the best high roller casino:

  • It should offer more high roller games
  • Must be recognized and reputed casino
  • Should have an exclusive VIP Lounge
  • Should offer weekly deposit bonus, minimum Cash Back, VIP points, increased table limits and of course lots of exclusive promotions.
  • The online casino also should provide a Live Casino section  clearly for High Roller with more than 20 live dealer games such as variations of the classic Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack and Poker.
  • Also offer a diverse casino games portfolio with numerous other Tables and slot games.
  • The casino software should provide great bonuses, free spins, fair gaming and secure environment.
  • Should offer 24/7 customer support

Getting involved in high roller games

To get started in any high roller online casino you must have accumulated a wealth of wagering experience coupled with a lot of big success in order to get to that level. As many experts would put it, it is not something that you can achieve in one night. But that said and done, once you achieve that level then you can rest assured that you will not only play any high roller casino game, but you will also get to enjoy all the benefits and glamour that are attached to high stakes online casinos.

At the same time, there are a few things that you must get used to if indeed you’ve made your minds to play in a high limit casino. For instance, any of the VIP casino players will tell you that taking risks is part and parcel of playing high roller games. However, it is essential to choose wisely where you pay at. That is actually one of the many reasons why you ought to consult widely before committing to a given high stakes casino.

So think before getting involved in high roller games

  • Do you have experience to that level in such high roller games
  • Do you understand the high roller game well and know the rules
  • Have you known the the quality of software used in that particular casino, the high limits expected of players, and most importantly the kind of treatment that you will receive as a VIP casino player.
  • Do you have enough bank balance to spend to lose or win.

High roller casinos attract high roller players

Online casinos that offer high roller casinos do all what they can to attract high stake players. The high roller private rooms are coated in luxury and wealth. Casinos put high stakes player on private planes and fly them to their land casinos. They are given hotel rooms with complimentary foot massages. Online casinos don’t have the property, but they make up for it with generous VIP Loyalty Programs, you get even better odds as a high roller on online casinos than in land based ones.

Also the casino have awards, trophies, points and so on to make it easy to keep track of what you need to do to get the rewards of their VIP program. They will give away all kinds of freebies to keep you around, but you need to join the correct online casino to get the most out of it. Many online casinos give away exclusive promotions randomly, level-up rewards and personalized presents like vacation trips and many other cool things. High rollers are also interested in online casinos with Cash Back offers. Since they play big and risk a lot, they want something in return when they lose. Rewarding them in a cash back way is not only a nice way to get something back the next day but it also sets a psychological boost.

It isn’t just online casinos that try to attract high rollers. Some online slots offer more favorable odds for larger bets. As said above in the game of Craps placing a bigger bet behind the come line bet will lower the house’s odds. Placing a big bet in some Microgaming, and IGT slots can change the RTP for individual games, and that wager might payout at a better rate or unlock additional game features.

But note that you need a reputable casino software or high roller casino that you can trust with your money and they need to have a decent line of credit with a larger parent company, or a portfolio of successful casino brands behind them. Also there are a couple new casinos released every year that stand out as exceptional.

All things said and done you should read the terms and conditions before you indulge in high roller casinos and check for its reputation before jumping in to play. This is in light to the reality that when you commit to spending thousands of dollars/euros in a high roller casino, you will definitely expect more than just getting VIP bonuses and exclusive treatment.