Online Fruit Machines – The Untold Story

Online Fruit Machines – The Untold Story

Fruit Machines Slot Game

The modern slot machine has been around for more than 100 years. It goes by many different names. The names are often the result of where a person is from in the world. Slot machines, video slots, progressive slots and poker machines are just a few of the names that have been given to these machines. In the United Kingdom, one of the favorite types of these machines are called the fruit machines.

No matter what the name of the machine, the premise behind them is the same. A player puts some money into the machine. They spin the wheels of the machine and different symbols appear. When they player has the right combination of symbols they win big. The payouts for each machine will vary widely.

What are fruit machines?

Fruit machines get their names because the symbols depict different kinds of fruits. Oranges, bananas, cherries and other types of fruit can appear on the reels of the machine. Just like any other slot machine, if you get the right combination of fruit on a line, you will win.

Online casinos are no different than any other type of casino. They provide the games that players want. If the players enjoy the fruit machine, the casino will make sure they have some to play. Online fruit machines can be as realistic as the real thing. The software developers work hard to duplicate the graphics that people are used to seeing in the bars and pubs of England.

What should people expect?

Before you start playing the online fruit machines, you should know what to expect. It will not only make playing more enjoyable, it will also make it easier for you to win. The online fruit machines often have special features that many players may not be aware of. Some of these features include:

  • Hold – a player can hit the hold button and can keep one reel from moving during the next spin
  • Nudge – a player can use the nudge button to nudge one or more of the reels on the next spin
  • Repeat – a player can repeat the features of the spin over again

The amount of nudges or holds that a player gets is supposed to be random, but it does not always seem that way. If you needed to nudge two of the reels to win you will probably only get one nudge. The best way to deal with this is to use the nudge and hold feature together. It could increase the chance of you winning on any spin.

Other features that are seen on fruit machines include:

  • Bonus trail – is feature that gives players a chance to win bonus prizes. This can occur at random.
  • Cash ladder – a ladder of bonuses appears on the screen. As the lights of the bonus flash on and off, the player hits a stop button. The bonus they land on is what they win.

All of these feature are found on the typical fruit machine. The laws that surround the fruit machines also help set them apart. The maximum bet is 30p and the maximum payout is £25. All fruit machines must have a payout percentage of 70% or higher. Online fruit machines have a payout that is usually around 95 or 96%. That is why people are turning to these machines online instead of in the bars and pubs in the United Kingdom.

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