Imagine if you had a Powercut

Imagine if you had a Powercut

Ever had a power cut and your TV, phone, laptop, tablet, internet WiFi all shut down?! What do you do? Assuming that you’re phone, laptop and tablet weren’t charged!

Imagine the world pre-gadgets!

Would this change the way your family communicate with one another? Think about it, maybe you would actually have more face-to-face conversations instead of hiding behind a text or email.

You could have gaming nights and when I say gaming I mean actually board games. These kinds of games seem a thing of the past but still are good fun. You could have a few beers and have a good night in with a game of Monopoly. I can imagine there would be a few fights over who would be the Banker but once that’s all the way, game on!

What games you can play..ever thought. So here are the ones you can play in case of power cut.


20 Questions

20 questions

Participants take turns thinking of something, usually an object. The others get to ask questions to help them figure out what thing the thinker is thinking about. After twenty questions are asked, participants get to guess what the thing is.

The questions are phrased to indicate the clue that the questioner is trying to figure out. So, is the thing bigger than a house is appropriate, but asking how big is it, is not.

The Song Game

Song Game

No lights required just the willingness to sing out loud. You can play this encore. Basically there are two teams, and given a word, the teams have to go back and forth trying to think of songs with that word in it and sing at least 8 words of the song. When one team can’t think of one in the time allotted, the other team gets the point.



In this game players can think of TV shows, movies, book titles, etc. Then they act it out for the other participants to guess the title, name, etc. The actors can use gestures to signify whether the word or words is a book title, movie, big or small, how many syllables, etc.

You may have to try some different locations of the lights or flashlights to see the outlines and shadows of the players. But it’s still fun to play with candle light. So without talking, you act out and use motions to describe the words in your title. Some people use timers, and others just play until someone guesses.

Hand Shadows

Hand shadows

With some flashlights sitting about, use your hands to make various shadows on the wall. It can be recognizable animal or make them to hop or jump, fly, etc. Then have your audience guess what it is; then have fun taking turns making your images using your hands.



Hangman is a simple and yet challenging game. Essentially, you think of a word or words, and then the person you’re playing with has a certain number of guesses. You keep track of their guesses by crossing off the letters of the alphabet that they’ve used and by adding a body part to the hangman. If his body is completed without the word being guessed, the word-writer wins. If the guesser can complete the word before the body is completed, the guesser wins!

Various other board games

Apples to Apples

Apples to Apples, Pandemic, Settlers of Catan, or revisiting your nerdy adolescence with Dungeons and Dragons If you would rather use this opportunity to take your friend’s money, there’s always a deck of cards + Texas Hold ‘Em. Note that these games needs flash light or candle light to play in the dark power cut room. Also be careful not to drop candle or any object upon yourself or on others in the excitement of these games play.

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