Foods that will boost your mood!

Foods that will boost your mood!

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Foods to boost your mood!


Need a Mood Boost?

Life is great, gambling is very entertaining, but sometimes, you are a little bit down.Feeling tired and grumpy? If you can’t go on holidays and multiple cocktails with friends don’t seem to help, a more balanced nutrition could be the solution! Did you know that some foods can make you feel better just naturally? Our organism is made of so many elements that need to be balanced, that it is easy to miss out on one and find yourself tired and moody. Sometimes, to get the banana, it doesn’t take more than one (a day). So cancel that spa day appointment or expensive shopping day, and go straight to the market!

First of all, there are general rules to feeling happy and energetic. Doctors say sugar and grease are bad for your health, but also for your mood! Eating foods with saturated greases and too much sugar will make you sleepy. You will notice that you lack motivation, a feeling that can be compared to depression. Staying healthy and avoiding rich foods is the first step to being faster and happier!

Raw chocolate

Raw Chocolate is Good for You!

Chocolate Releases Good Hormones

Even though you should avoid sugar, that will make you feel more tired and depressed than you probably are, chocolate is still your friend. We’re not talking milk or white chocolate, that are full of sugar and more downers than boosters. Raw chocolate is full of iron, with will give you strength, but it also releases the hormones of pleasure. A treat that should get you up on your feet in no time!


Potassium is very important for your muscles, and it’s highly present in bananas. If you have heavy legs, muscle aches, and don’t feel like moving at all, you might be lacking of potassium. Make sure to eat more bananas, and your body will feel light and strong again!


Fish are filled with Omega-3 fatty acids, which are great for the body AND the mind! So if you are a sushi lover, that’s great ! Omega-3 fatty acids are famous remedies for stress and anxiety. People suffering from depression are often prescribed Omega-3 fatty acid supplements to get better. However, remember that mass-fishing threatens the oceans, so stay moderate in your fish consumption!

Omega-3 fatty acids for you brain

Have some Omega-3 fatty acids!


It sounds vegan and hipster, but seeds will actually boost your mood. Seeds, just like fish, have high quantities of omega-3 fatty acids. No need to remind of the countless benefits of these bad boys! Also, Omega-3 fatty acids are good for your vision. Eating seeds has the advantage of not requiring to kill an animal. Knock yourself out! You can try pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, and many more.


One of the best known and most ancient energy foodies! Walnuts have just all it takes to make you happy and feeling good. Almond, nuts and all the others contain elements that will boost your energy for the day! And since they are low in calories, you don’t have to worry about the incidents on your weigh. Win-win!


Enjoy a Cup of Tea!

A Hot Beverage Lightens the Mood!

Tea will definitely give you some energy, and a hot beverage is known to lighten the mood! However, tea has components comparable to caffeine, so some might consider tea as a drug. Still, three cups of green tea a day will give you energy and motivation.


Eating healthy has so many benefits, and improving your mood is one of the most appreciable! Of course, there is no miracle ingredient that will make you immediately see life in brighter colours, or run longer and more often. If some symptoms persist in spite of a better diet, you should see a doctor. Feeling down can happen, but if you’ve been feeling not like yourself for a few months, it is always better to see a specialist.

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