What App Could You Not Live Without?

What App Could You Not Live Without?

All cards on the table for this article! What app could you not live without?

Ever since I’m been a writer, I find myself constantly checking social media websites to keep in the know with daily things occurring. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, you name it, I’m checking it. It’s so handy to have the apps on my phone so even when I’m out shopping, I can check it if need be or just turn on the notifications.

I’m also taking a lot of photos on my phone for social media which is bad for my phone for 2 reasons:

  • My battery takes a pounding due to the constant checking and taking photos
  • Space on my phone is now limited and keeps on reminding me to free up some space!

The worse thing about Twitter is that my fiancé hates me having the notifications turned on because I have a busy Twitter account and every minute or so, it goes off haha so I’m afraid it switched off at home during the evenings. Sorry Twitter but I do have a life too!

So coming to the question the apps that I cannot live without are the ones that help me in my daily needs or day to day activities.


Wowcher app

Wowcher helps to choose the best deals in your city. You can take the app as you go and you never miss the offers it has. Also save up to 80% on everything from spa days and holidays to the latest tech gadgets and meals at top restaurants.


8fit app

8 fit app is a roadmap to a healthy and fitting living. Acts as a personal fitness trainer where you get customized workout and meal plans to keep yourself healthy.

Tune In

Tune in app

With Tune in app you can listen to your favourite radio stations for free. It has over 100,00 radio stations with largest selection of sports, news, music and talk radio from around the world. Catch with Vinejuice on the TuneIn app and tune in to the station even in your car or on work or gym.

Pay By Phone

Payby Phone app

Pay By phone is the highest ranked parking app in the world with 12 million users that take control of their parking on the move every day. This app is the one that parks you, lets you extend your parking on the move and sends you smart reminders so that you don’t worry about getting a ticket.’

Kitchen Stories

Kitchen stories

Kitchen stories is popular app all over the world where you can find delicious recipes with beautiful pictures and easy to follow step by step photo instructions, recipe videos and how to make all free to learn and cook.

Prayer Mate

Prayer mate


PrayerMate is best app where you will select a person or topic that you’ve entered from each of your main categories and show them to you as a series of index cards – then just swipe between them to pray. It brings together prayer points you’ve entered manually, regular updates from a whole host of Christian charities and churches, PDF prayer letters and daily prayer pointers from “Operation World”. After all we need prayers too.

What App Could You Not Live Without?

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