5 of the World’s Most Underrated Beaches

5 of the World’s Most Underrated Beaches

When you’re planning your beach holiday, you want sun, sand, sea and of course to relax!

I’ve not met anyone yet who doesn’t like a relaxing beach holiday. Now I’ve said that, I’ll probably meet lots of people now!

Every year many people jet off to their beach holiday and when it’s time to go home, they want to stay! We all know this holiday blues feeling, we don’t our holiday to end. I’ve come up with a solution, book an underrated beach holiday and you will probably pay the same price but for a longer period of time! So instead of booking the most popular beach for 2 weeks, go for an less populated beach that will be amazing but you’ll get more for your money.

I’ve come up with 5 of the World’s most underrated beaches for you to have a peep at!

  1. Lanai, Hawaii

Lanai Hawaii Beach

Think soft sand, sun and gorgeous sea. This is Hawaii’s hidden gem! Be aware that you will have to take a ferry to reach this island.

  1. Bal Harbour, Florida

Bal harbour

Do you fancy being close to Miami but away from the crowd? This is perfect for you. This area is known for being the posh part of Miami. You can catch a glimpse of the fisherman while bird watching.

  1. Jacksonville Beach, Florida

Jacksonville Beach

Most people visit Florida beach rather than Jacksonville so this will be a quitter get away for you. Do bear in mind that the water does get cold from November until March but peak season; they are less crowded than the most tourist areas. Food and drink around this area is also cheaper than elsewhere in the state so there’s a money saving tip!

  1. Bilbao, Spain

Bilbao Beach

This part of the world offers breath-taking walks and hikes. Stunning Mediterranean beaches that are the perfect get away.

  1. Colombo, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Beach

Colombo in Sri Lanka has golden stunning beaches with blue waters which will make you wonder why you hadn’t booked it years ago! 

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