10 Best Animal Photo Bombs Ever!- What makes animals so loving

10 Best Animal Photo Bombs Ever!- What makes animals so loving

Selfies are taking over the world and if you haven’t taken one yet, I’m sure you will! For all of you that don’t know what a selfie is, a selfie is a self-portrait photograph by a phone or a digital camera held in your own hand or a selfie stick. Just before you take your photo, does it ever cross your mind that your pet might want to be in the photo too? Even when you’re taking a photo of your other pet, the one might be jealous and want the spotlight too!

Forget selfies even if you are busy talking with your friends or in an important meeting your pet wants your attention. As this is what might have happened lately when French President Emmanuel Macron’s dog Nemo seized on a golden opportunity to make a big splash at the Élysée Palace — taking a leak against a gilded fireplace.

Video emerged showing the pooch peeing as the French leader was meeting with members of his government.

The video, first posted by the French LCI news channel, shows Macron meeting with three junior ministers as the dog lifts its leg and begins relieving himself noisily behind them — to the laughter of the politicians.

Macron and his wife Brigitte bought Nemo, a 2-year-old black Labrador-griffin mix, from the SPA animal refuge in Hermeray for about $300, according to the BBC. It is a tradition for French presidents to have a “first dog.”

But all things said animals give you selfless love no matter how badly you treat them (only the abusers do). Some of the traits which make the animals more lovable are really amazing

  1. They know when you are sad or acting unlike your normal self

If you ever owned a pet remember those days where you do not want to get out of bed because it feels like the whole entire world is against you. There are times when nothing is going your way and all you want to do is cry and your pet may come to you and licking you all over or jumping on you, or playing trick to make you feel better and happy.

  1. They won’t judge you for the decisions you make — good or bad

We all make mistakes, and we all make choices that are not the best for others or, more importantly, ourselves. On the contrary, we have all made life changing choices that have impacted us positively and made a smile come across our faces. Animals know when we are down on ourselves for a bad decision, and even when we are happy and celebrating about a good one. They are always there to crack open a cold one and celebrate, or rip open the tissue box and sob on the couch with you for hours and animals alongside makes it all a lot easier.

  1. They give the best cuddles you could ever imagine

Cuddles are sub-par with humans, however, when a little fluffy friend snuggles up next to you in bed, there is no greater feeling. Their soft fur up against your skin, and the look they give you to reassure you that they are comfortable too, so you better not even think about moving at all anytime soon.

  1. The only time they leave you broken heart is when their time on earth comes to an end

People are very good at breaking each others hearts, and letting those down that they love the most. But none of the animals will break your heart. People suck, and they make life harder to live sometimes. But animals, they could never let you down. Their fuzzy little faces and cute little paws are unbearable, they could never hurt you. Being heartbroken is the worst, but one thing is for sure, animals will never ever break yours on purpose.

  1. They exhibit the true definition of loyalty

Even the best of friends can go back on their level of loyalty towards you. It is hard to trust anyone in this world today, but animals are some of the few that can be trusted. They will never leave your side, and once they have found their human, they never replace them for another, no matter the number of mistakes they have made or the choices they make. Loyalty is the key to happiness in a relationship, especially those with animals.

  1. They are not afraid to hide their true feelings

If an animal is mad, they are not afraid to show it, and if they are happy, then just imagine. Animals, unlike people, do not have a habit of sending mixed signals or masking how they really feel about you. If an animal likes you, you will know, they will follow you everywhere even to the washroom, and more importantly, they will make sure you include them in all that you do. If you annoy them or do something they are not a fan of, they will let you know, don’t you fret.

Now enjoy here are 10 best animal photo bomb shots ever.

Say Cheese!

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